Athena Overhaul Gasket Set - Fits: All Honda CB750's (1969-78)

Sets made by Athena of Italy the European original equipment supplier to Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and all major Italian bike makers. Top Quality ISO-9000 approved.

Set contains: 18-7001 Cylinder Base Gasket, 18-7002 Cylinder Head Gasket, 18-7003 Cam Cover Gasket, 18-7004 Oil Pan Gasket (Late), 18-7012 Oil Pan Gasket (Early), 12-5038 Alternator (Dyno) Cover Gasket, 18-7006 Shift Cover Gasket, 12-5037 Clutch cover Gasket, 18-7008 Oil Pump Gasket, 18-7009 Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket, 18-7010 Point Plate Cover Gasket, 18-7011 Starter Motor Cover Gasket, 18-7013-4pc. Exhaust Headpipe Gaskets, 18-7014 O-Ring for Breather Cover, 01-0137-6pc. Cylinder Nut Cover Rubbers, 18-7068 4 pc. Cylinder Sleeve Base O-Rings, 01-0131 8 pc. Valve stem seals, 18-7018 8 pc. rubber cylinder stud packings, 18-7053 Oil Pan Gasket. Set does Not contain Engine Oil Seals 

CB750 Overhaul Gasket Kit

SKU: 18-0110