Ultimate Pamco Ignition Kit - New Electronic Ignition Kit for the CB750

Replace your points system with the PAMCO ignition in this kit, complete with 2 of the 17-6903 Ultimate High Performance coils for faster starts, better fuel economy and more horsepower. Reliable, cool running coils and the proven PAMCO ignition.

Complete installation instructions are available on http://www.cb750ignition.com/installation2.htm.

The coils are not polarity sensitive, and are not marked + or - for that reason. By publishing the instructions on line we can ensure that you have the latest instructions, including revisions that may have occurred after the system was shipped.

(There are other Pamco Kits offered on this site).

Ultimate Ignition Kit includes:

Basic Ignition Unit (# 14-0800), (2 ea.)Ultimate High Output Coils (# 17-6903), (4 pc.) Standoff, (4 pc.) Standoff Bolts, (2 ea.) Spark plug caps-SD05F (# 23-3115), (2 ea.) Spark Plug caps-XD05F (# 23-3119), (1) set of plug wires (# 23-2909).  NGK D8EA PLUGS QTY 4

Fits: All Honda CB750's (1969-78), CB550's and CB500's

This kit comes with a one year warranty


SKU: 14-0802